Why Email Marketing is still the most dominant & profitable Digital Marketing channel

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Never old, always gold: Email Marketing

The digital marketing space has been evolving. There are new developments every now and then. Social Media MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Marketing: the digital space is full of new and fresh ideas that enable businesses to market effectively. Amidst all this, Email Marketing may appear old-fashioned and dead. However, this is far from truth. As the saying goes, old is gold: Email marketing too has its own charm. There is a reason why it has persisted over time despite the incredibly fancy digital marketing channels that have come up.

There is reason behind this. There is a reason why it has survived and grown. Email marketing has a ton of benefits to offer to the marketer. Here is why email marketing is a favourite:

    1. Wider Reach: The total number of worldwide email accounts exceeds the number of facebook or twitter users. This makes e-mail marketing an easy way to connect with a larger number of people.
    2. More personalized: Email marketing has a personal touch. When you send emails to people, it gives them an opportunity to respond or ask questions. This can lead to a continuing dialogue. This is something that is still a challenge with other forms a digital marketing where it becomes difficult to have one-to-one conversation.
    3. Better ROI: A very interesting study reveals that email marketing yields an average 3,800% return on investment for businesses and for every $1 spent on email marketing. Now that is something impressive. Email marketing is cost effective and this is something that makes it incredibly reliable.
    4. Highly targeted: One can use multiple email marketing tools to understand the nature and location of the target customers. Since you have more data about customers, it is easy to spot your target customers and reach out to only those who are relevant.
    5. Emails are highly preferred: While someone who checks his/her emails regularly may or may not use social media as frequently, someone who uses social media everyday will definitely also check his/her emails as much, if not more. Quite clearly, email accounts are rarely taken for granted; and in fact more people prefer to receive promotional content on email than on social media!
    6. Strengthens relationships: Email marketing helps build strong relationships with customers. When a person sees your promotional emails in his/her inbox, it sends a signal that you are serious about forging a bond, you take them seriously and you are willing to pursue them relentlessly. This is something that builds in huge amount of credibility, trust and loyalty.
    7. Building brand recognition: Emails are an important reinforcement of a brand. Sending newsletters and other promotional content builds recall.
    8. Understanding what works and what doesn’t: Email marketing gives you the metrics you need to see how your emails are performing. This will in turn help you market smarter, and help you understand the needs and interests of your customer base better.
    9. Less time, less effort: You do not need to design fancy social media campaigns or work on complex websites. Various professionally designed email templates are available to help you design your emails quickly. It is easy to get the message out to the audience. You can make a significant impact with limited effort. Wow!
    10. The power of sharing: A simple click, and the email is forwarded. Not something that every other form of marketing could do for you. When a receiver shares your message (and she/he will when this is so easy), your brand will gain more exposure and recognition.
    11. Results of email marketing are measurable: Analytics are indispensable to measuring the success of any campaign. Email marketing draws precise and valuable metrics, including delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates. This is in contrast to other forms of marketing which present ambiguous analysis of results. Email marketing helps gain insights into customer behavior and interests.

Email marketing is credible and cost-effective. It is something that can be leveraged and adapted very well. Email marketing has been in the digital marketing space for really long and has been strong ever since. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not something dry or something with which not much experimentation can be done. It is known to boost sales and build brand recall. As much as it is highly targeted, it helps keep your business on top of the receiver’s mind.

Emails can be designed creatively, catchy subject lines could be used and content could be made really really innovative. Be it newsletters or testimonials, there is something that keeps the appeal of this form of marketing strong despite all the advancements in the Digital Marketing space. Businesses across the globe, big and small, new and old – all swear by email marketing.

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