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Social media could be used to inform, interact, showcase your skills and build relationships. There could be a number of ways one could get involved in social media activities. With innovation at its peak, there are countless ways in which one could post on social media. Be it asking questions, sharing comic strips, outlining case studies, presenting tutorials and testimonials, uploading fan photographs & memes….. It is something that can be twisted and tweaked easily and presented in some of the most unbelievable ways.

While there is really no limit to the ways you can post on different types of social media, there are few types of posts that are always reliable, yet creative. Here’s looking at a few of these types and the kind of social media channel are they most suitable for.

Commenting about current events

        • Anything big happens in the world, be it related to business, politics, bollywood, fashion or cricket – there is so much buzz created around it on social media. This, not only creates awareness but also gives an opportunity to people to engage in meaningful conversations.
        • Catching hold of such conversations and leveraging these to showcase your own self is a great idea. So also, posting about an event and relating it to your brand within this post could be a smart trick. This is something that could be done on almost all social media channels.

Posting Videos

        • Who doesn’t like to watch creative, gripping and fun videos! Something that features a celebrity? – Even better. Videos can be viewed on laptops as well as smartphones. They can be saved and shared. This helps you reach more and more people. Videos could be posted on Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat. They could be made funny, they could be emotional and they could be completely whacky!


        • These make an interesting, quick and informative read. These could be used to illustrate numbers as well as facts. Why Infographics are getting popular is because they are a precise and easy to interpret representation of facts and statistics.
        • Be it trying to show features of your products or trying to indicate the achievements of your very own business in the previous fiscal year, or for that matter laying down the procedure for using our product, one could experiment quite a bit with infographics. Infographics are fit for Facebook or even LinkedIn

Pin Boards

        • This is obviously a “Pinterest” specific feature. Once you share your pin boards, you’ll get more followers. People these days pin outfit ideas, or even sumptuous dishes.

Interactive threads

        • One could use social media to start a thread. This could be done on channels like Facebook or Quora. You could pick a theme and attempt to start a conversation around that. The post could be a combination of something that informs and something that encourages people to engage in conversations.
        • Be very smart while noting how people are responding and if they are asking questions. Document this for yourself. Reach out to them. Grow your business

Conversation Screenshots

        • This is something that has quite recently caught up. The power of this type of post lies in its ability to capture real, personal conversation that could make a really interesting read. They are all over Facebook these days.
        • Take permission of the people involved and post. If people are talking about your product and how amazing it is, post! If people are talking anything funny and random and this could be leveraged innovatively and related to your brand, post!

Providing Tips

        • Have a unique idea on how to clean your old bags? Know of an interesting way to style a black dress? Want to spread awareness about some dinner table etiquette? Post it all! Post unique gift ideas, book recommendations and tips to avoid gloomy weather.
        • People love to stay up-to-date these days! They love to learn new things that they could go and share with friends and family the next day. This is something that could be done on Twitter and Facebook really well.

Your product in use

        • There is nothing better than this to showcase how amazing your product is. If you have a jewelry store, show people wearing your earrings and bracelets. If you offer education consultancy service, show testimonials of people who have availed your service and benefitted from it.
        • This kind of posting lends credibility to your product/service. Since people have used it and liked it, it is likely that more people will be willing to try it. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook – all can be used for this purpose

Debates and Chats

        • Twitter is best for this. Chats could be used to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge as well as to build relationships as more people interact with you. This way, your network and followers grow and more people get an opportunity to experience your brand.


This is fun and can reveal a lot. Let people pick if they like a particular thing or not. Let them decide which brand they value the most. Let them get an opportunity to pick their favourite books. Consumers are the king and nothing goes beyond their opinion.

Resorting to the same types of posts over and over again can bore followers. This means fewer likes, shares, comments and clicks on links you share. This is why there is always a need to experiment and keep creating something new.

If you really wish to know how this can be put into practice and what types of post would be most suitable for you, consider enrolling into a digital marketing Course online.

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