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Success in Digital Marketing: The Power of 7

In an age where “60% of a marketer’s time is devoted to digital marketing activities”, one will have no qualms accepting that the future of the field is bright. For the innovative, tech savvy ones out there – it is time to explore the field. Careers in Digital Marketing can be quite rewarding as well as fulfilling – rewarding in terms of the pay and fulfilling in terms of the enormous satisfaction one gets on being able to pull off a successful campaign and build lasting customer relationships that keep the business growing.

As a digital marketer, one’s job is to develop and execute unique marketing campaigns that draw the right traffic and leads to the best conversion. What is even more interesting is the fact that small and large organizations alike need digital marketers. As per research, the average starting salary is INR 3.5 lac per annum.

While one may not need any specific technical skills, there are some unique attributes that distinguish a good digital marketer from a not so good one.


Analytical Skills

        • Metrics, analysis, performance numbers: digital marketing is topical. Be it market information, performance variables or planning the right mix of marketing tools, there is data flowing from all possible directions. A good digital marketer knows how to best leverage this data to make intelligent decisions and hence drive the success of one’s digital marketing campaign.
        • One must know what to measure, how to measure and how to solve problems in order to retain customers and keep the business growing.

Design and Creativity

        • It is marketing after all, and you have a ton of online media to build your campaign. Customers today are visually-driven and when you are on the web, there is color and vigor all over. As much as you may have your content and strategy right, you are bound to be ignored if you do not get the visuals right.
        • Images, videos, info-graphs are the soul of a campaign. Given the time constraints these days and how everything is done on the spot, there is no point of having a team of professionals to take care of the design aspect. It is but the digital marketer, who must know how to present the campaign in the most innovative way.

Relationship Building Skills

        • Marketing, in today’s world is a two-way process. One wants to impact the customers in a way that they keep coming back. This is where the “relationship” aspect of digital marketing comes into the picture. Success in the field requires you to build a community around your brand.
        • One must be able to understand its target market, what they want, how to best connect with them, what is it that they like and would keep coming back to. Engaging with your customers and building connections that matter and last is the best thing that can happen to any business.

The desire to stay up-to-date

        • Let’s be real! There is nothing more evolving than the digital world. Technology has made quite a dent in the universe. There is something new every day, day after day. It’s difficult that someone who is too accustomed to following tried and tested tricks would accomplish much.
        • A digital marketer needs to keep abreast with all the trends across all social media. This is how one can survive in a field where competition is so intense.

Content building Knack

        • While this is not a must, it always helps. Good content is integral to digital marketing success. While a content writer can always create quality content, a digital marketer who has a flair for writing can turn out results more quickly, in real-time without having to go through the lengthy process of briefing writers and then review the work of writers who may not have sufficient knowledge of how digital marketing works.
        • Now, we don’t expect you to be an Enid Blyton or a Paulo Coehlo but at least have the ability to craft your content “at the moment”.

Communication Skills

        • Success as a digital marketer requires the knack to communicate well. Communication is the key to expressing the attributes of your product and your brand. Be it through text, visuals, videos: one must have the ability to tell a story and tell it well.
        • Communication also goes a long way when it comes to building good relations with your customers. Your product has a unique feature – zoom, and show; want to promptly solve customer queries – have a live chat on your website; want to showcase your service’s power – appeal to your customer’s emotions. Keep communicating, keep winning.
        • Remember that where communication stops, growth also stops.

Social Media Savvy

        • A lot of digital marketing is about using the various social media platforms to your advantage. This is where you find your potential customers. Familiarizing oneself with social media is not difficult, but what is really needed here is a genuine interest, a fascination for social media.
        • Yes, there are people who are addicted to it and know possibly every feature that each medium has to offer. These are the people who are bound to make successful digital marketers.

Innovation, experimentation, insight and awareness: all combine to strengthen your chances of excelling as a digital marketer. Though some of these would come naturally, most of these can be acquired with consistent effort. Exploring various social media, reading and following digital marketing campaigns, reading about market trends and interacting with your customers can add many a feather to your digital marketing cap.

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