What you must know about Digital India and Scope of Digital Marketing in India

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Digital India – Smarter India

Never before has India seen such upswings in internet usage. With the government of India envisaging a completely “Digital India” and people becoming more and more tech-savvy, “Digital” has become the new buzzword.  But what is this campaign all about? What does it hold for the future of Indian business and industry? How does it translate into more job opportunities for the youth? What exactly is the scope of digital marketing in India? Let’s have a look!

Understanding “Digital India”

        • In the last few years, the wave of digitization seems to have swept the country. Technology is no more restricted to the elite and the educated. Neither is it limited to big corporate houses. Technology in India today, is for anyone and everyone.
        • The Indian government’s flagship programme “Digital India” has been making consistent strides in ensuring that Information Technology reaches and benefits all. The prime objective has been to make government services available to all citizens electronically.
        • But the larger objective is to transform India into a knowledge economy by improving online infrastructure, thus promoting an inclusive growth. Mobile apps, internet portals, e-governance, electronic payments and what not: The whole country is learning and growing. Rural India is a part of this revolution, and India is indeed emerging as a “digitally powered society and knowledge economy”.
        • The future of Digital India looks promising with Government of India’s ‘India Digital Plan’ 2019 which promises that 250,000 villages in India will have internet and all public places will have Wi-Fi.

Digital India and Scope of Digital Marketing

Some recent statistics about internet usage in India have a promising story to tell.[1]

        • Internet penetration in India is 34.8% – A significant increase since the launch of “Digital India”
        • India’s share in world internet users is 13.5%
        • India is the second largest online market in the world
        • India is set to overtake the US to emerge as the second largest smartphone market
        • Digital Buyer penetration in India is more than 43%

Now aren’t these some really mind-boggling facts?

With such high penetration and such huge potential, “Digital Marketing is quite a booming industry. With the increasing influence and spread of the internet in the country, the future of digital marketing seems rather bright. Quite obviously, as more and more people become familiar with the uses of the internet, digital marketing has a lot of scope in the country.

What “Digital India” means for jobs

With the government’s endeavor to create a “Digital India” through the launch of various initiatives and platforms, there has been a spurt in job opportunities for those “digitally” skilled. The government has been looking for App developers, software developers, graphic designers and various other experts. As technology is being made a “way of life”, many industry bigwigs plan to invest crores of rupees in the digital space. This would, in turn, create lakhs of jobs for the Indian youth.

Digital Marketing and Career Options

With the “Digital India” buzz all over and the positive employment climate it creates, the options for digital marketing professionals are plenty. Careers in the field can be promising in terms of opportunities for career building and growth as well as in monetary terms. In an industry which is over worth $68 billion and boasts of a growth rate of 40%, jobs opportunities are more lucrative than ever before. What are the fields in which options are open:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Social Media Marketing (SMM)Email MarketingContent Marketing and Web Analytics.

What can you be? You can be a
        • Digital Marketing Manager who leads the digital marketing team
        • SEO Executive who works on websites to optimize these for search engines so that it shows at top of search engine results
        • SMM Expert who builds and executes social media strategy and optimizes content on various social media channels to engage with customers
        • Content Marketing Manager who manages blogs and e-book publications among other things.
        • Search Engine Specialist who targets the number of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget and performs analysis, keyword research, bid management, split testing the ad campaigns, and plans ad copywriting.
In addition, one could also be a Conversion Rate Optimizer who works to increase the conversion ratio at each stage or an Inbound Marketing Manager who manages conversions at each stage.

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