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LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing : Pros and Cons


LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing : Pros and Cons

Every Coin has two sides and a Digital Marketing Course in a LIVE instructor led online format is no different. There are several pros and cons attached with an online avatar of a much in demand and popular Digital Marketing Course. In this Blog, I will try to weigh the different Pros and Cons attached with a LIVE online instructor led Course in Digital Marketing.

I will try to discuss few pros first followed by the cons of attending a LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing.

Same Course Content with zero compromise: More updated

A LIVE online course offers the same course content which can be found out in any regular classroom course or program in Digital Marketing. There’s no reason to believe that there would be compromise on the course content and deliverables in a LIVE online course format. You must not forget that you are learning Digital Marketing on a digital device from Digital Marketing Trainers and Experts, it can’t get better this. In fact, most of the classroom courses teach you outdated tools and techniques and the online courses are upgraded regularly with industry trends and changes in search engine algorithms and social media updates.

No Missed Lectures with Session Recordings

How many times, you have found yourself in a situation that you miss out on lectures in a classroom course? Sometimes due to your family and social commitments, many a times due to work preferences and sometimes you don’t feel like travelling to your classroom center and even due to not being well or down with fever. If you are attending a LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing, you do get access to the recordings of missed out lectures which you can see online or download them. This ensures that you don’t miss out on lectures any more. If it doesn’t suffice, you are to free attend other ongoing batches which offers the same lectures which you missed out last time.

Industry Experts, Subject Matter Experts and Trainers from different geographies

It might sound like a bitter truth but most of the Trainers who offer classroom course in your region lack practical experience in Digital Marketing even though they are good with concepts. Digital Marketing is best learnt with practical training and hands-on experience of tools and techniques assisted by trainers who come with a relevant industry experience. Digital Marketing is a dynamic field and updates which are overnight can have a big impact on what you do and the results which you want your brand or business. People working in the industry are always updated about these changes and they include it in the course content instantly. The problem with most of the Trainers who are working in industry is that they don’t have sufficient time to come down for a classroom course and they prefer taking LIVE online classes for Digital Marketing. Plus, they are subject matter experts who will teach you individual modules rather than one trainer teaching you the entire course.

Diversity of participants: Learning is fun with participants from different geographies and backgrounds

The best thing which I like about a LIVE online class in Digital Marketing is diversity of participants. I have been taking LIVE online classes for different companies such as simplilearn, skillzlearn, zeolearn, dmtree and few others. Most of the time, I see participants joining the classes from different geographies which includes different cities, states and even countries. Apart from this, they do come from different academic and professional backgrounds. There is a lot of insights which get shared and discussed by both participants and the trainers from different industries and different geographies which adds a lot of value to the participant’s overall learning experience in a LIVE online instructor led class for Digital Marketing.

Classroom Discussions are more fun and real with a LIVE online instructor led course

Simply because you are attending a LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing Course doesn’t mean that you are devoid of classroom discussions and fall into hearing mode. Most of the webinar tools which are being used for LIVE online classes have tools for discussions. You have a chat window, wherein you can ask queries from Trainers and even discuss with participants. Trainers can enable voice and you can directly interact with them in a voice chat. Not only this, you can share your computer screen in real time and show and discuss problems which you face. And all of this takes place in real-time and super quick. What can you ask more to learn Digital Marketing in real-time?

Flexibility and convenience: LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing

There’s a point in life where you look out for more flexibility and convenience specially if you have been working for quite long number of years. I am not sure if your work or job would provide you that sort of flexibility and convenience but a LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing would provide you one for sure. You can take up a LIVE online course either from your work station, coffee shop, living room, bed room or even from your hotel. I am sure that you don’t want location to be a constraint for you while learning Digital Marketing.

24*7*365 access to the Course

Let’s admit the fact that everyone is busy and no matter how much committed we are, we would always find an occasion wherein we seek access at our own ease and schedule. Your Trainer can’t be available all the time and as per your convenience but the classroom lectures can be if you attend a LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing. Once you have attended the lecture or even missed out on few, you always want to revisit these lectures when you find time or if you are looking for some help while working on the projects. LIVE lectures get recorded and can be accessed by you either online or even downloaded and stored in your computer for reference whenever or wherever you need them. This is something which you won’t find with the classroom lectures. Even scientists believe audio visual content helps you in better learning and helps you remember more than your old text book style of learning with the notes provided with classroom lectures.

Save your valuable time: Time is Money, It can be bliss!

How often you complain to yourself and regret about spending too much time on daily commutation to your office or work location and feeling guilty about not being able to find time for your family and loved ones or even to pursue your hobbies or interests. The primary reason why I chose Digital Marketing as a career option is that I don’t need to travel and can manage my work with my computer and phone from anywhere in the world. A LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing offers you the same benefit. Imagine, taking 30 classroom sessions each of 3 hours and then spending 3 additional hours for travelling for each of these sessions. You would be spending double the time spent on training only in travelling which further makes you deprived of the time which you could have used not only for yourself but also for working on digital marketing projects. Didn’t I mention that ‘Time is Money’.

Visual Aids for better Learning

We have discussed most of the pros attached with a LIVE online instructor led course in Digital Marketing. Let’s try to analyze the cons of attending such a course. Here are few of them:

Personal connect with Trainers

A classroom course would always help you to establish a healthy relationship with Trainers. Moreover, you might want to explore more learning and career or business opportunities with the help of your Trainers.

Learning Online: Grouped in virtual world, Alone in real world

If you are person challenged by technology, you would surely struggle initially to find a LIVE online instructor-led course in Digital Marketing conducive and viable for you. Specially, if you are an extrovert and love to interact with people then you might be in for a big disappointment. Even being a digital marketing professional and a tech savvy individual, I was in awe when I took my first LIVE online session for a Digital Marketing Course. But, it surely isn’t too tough to get accustomed with. After 1 or two sessions, you will find yourself at ease with the online learning mode if your Trainer is really good and the participants are active.

Apart from this, I don’t find any reason for disappointment with a a LIVE online instructor-led course in Digital Marketing.

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