How is Chatbot different and beneficial from live chat?

Now, most websites have a chat function to interact with customers, whether that be a Live Chat or a Chatbot. How are they different? How is Chatbot beneficial from Live chat?

We all know, chat gives customers a level of engagement and satisfaction. Let us understand how?

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that has been designed to simulate interactive human conversations via a chat interface. It can either be text or audio. Chatbot virtual assistant is now being largely used to handle simple tasks for B2B and B2C environments.

What is Live chat?

Live chat is a chat function that enables customers to directly connect and interact with the human representation of the company. Initiating conversation with the first-time website visitors, returning customers or existing users.

How Chatbot is different from Live chat?

  • In Chatbot the interaction is carried by machine, no human supervision but in Live chat, the interaction is carried by a human, who is trained to handle queries.
  • Unlike Live chat, a Chatbot is fully automated.
  • Chatbots have limited conversation depends on how it is programmed, but Live chat can have unlimited interactive conversations with customers.
  • For basic, simple and repetitive queries Chatbot is preferred and for deep consultation and support live chat is mostly preferred.

How is Chatbot beneficial from Live chat?

  • Multitasking: They can handle a large volume of customers’ requests at the same time. Attending hundreds of customers with the same ease.
  • Availability: A chatbot never sleeps, its available 24/7/365, it can never disappoint you.
  • Good response time: You just need to ask a query. Chatbots’ response is quick and efficient, making the conversation more interactive with negligible wait time.
  • It reduces customer service costs.

Customer service is the backbone of every firm. Live or automated, remember the preference for chat continues to grow, considering chatbots and live chats for interaction customer conversation can help a lot. Chatbots powered by AI with unlimited conversation ability is what we are looking for as a future prospectus.

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