How Influential Is Your Digital Presence?

Earlier people were bound to use direct marketing for businesses to increase brand awareness. Now in this modern era, it’s not easy to attract the customers to your brand. The competitors are increasing day by day. Marketing strategies should not be consistent, it should enrich and enhance their techniques. If you want to stay on the top, you need to change with time.

Targeting potential customers is quite challenging for brands. New customers in the market help in increasing the company’s ROI and eventually leads to business growth. But  How to target audience? How to fill up this gap between the company and customers?

Influencer marketing is the right path to follow. It’s the collaboration between brands and influencers.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, a powerful and effective marketing strategy, includes both content marketing and social media marketing. It is a type of social media marketing to drive your message to the audience in an organic way. Unlike other marketing strategies instead of interacting customers directly, in influencer marketing, some key influencers and bloggers are paid to market your brand. Working on the idea of influencer endorsement and product mentions and positioning it in a content-driven marketing campaign.

It has become a common marketing strategy to attract customers towards your brand. Bloggers and influencers are essential sources of influencer marketing. Now companies team up with them since they help in increasing brand awareness, gaining rapid popularity and audience engagement.

Why influencers, not celebrities? Because there is a difference in fame and influence, a common marketing tactic followed by most of the brand. With celebrity endorsement, brand marketing becomes part of one-way communication. The gap between the brand and customers remains the same. Unlike celebrities, influencers can be anyone. They are like, people can easily relate to them and get attached to emotions, they gain trust and eventually, trust is crucial for branding.

By their hundreds and thousands of followers on different social media platforms, influencers and bloggers are easily able to send their message and connect to an established large network of individuals who trust them.

Do you know? 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities.

These bloggers and influencers can be a popular fashion icon, photographer, food blogger, youtube personality, songwriter, comedian or artist. People need those with whom they can easily relate, keeping this in mind marketing strategies are developing now.

Let’s see how bloggers and influencers can help your brand:

  • They generate sales

The reason why so many bands are jumping towards influencers and bloggers is that they generate sales. The moment an influencer starts following a brand on social media, sales generation starts. Your brand is your identity if you need to fuel your brand faster or you need faster growth in your brand visibility, an influencer or blogger is perfect for your marketing strategies.

  • Content creator

They are quite creative with their own social media posts, now imagine their content creation for your brand marketing. They purely create engaging and user-generated content which can directly hit the reader’s mind. The simple they create the more influential it becomes.

  • Build brand awareness

Bloggers and influencers attract a large crowd on social media. This increases brand awareness with the trust they have. Building brand awareness becomes easy and convenient.

  • Brand exposure

Your brand can become popular in few seconds if in the hand of influencers and bloggers. The power and impact of social media platforms are unbeatable. The impact of your brand promoted by an influencer on social media can rapidly increase brand awareness and exposure on different platforms and can even reach on the top.

  • Drive traffic and increase leads

Digital platforms that too active one like social media, online stores and websites drive traffic in huge volumes. Influencers and bloggers brand engagement directly hit the consumers where these platforms behave like a source, driving more website traffic and helping you to easily convert more leads. Potential customers are directly targeted, which helps to increase leads.

  • Craft relationships

 A mutual connection is built between the followers and the brand through influencers and bloggers. Where they act as a middle man who is helping your brand to reach the targeted audience, with some additional efforts. This relationship is very crucial for your business growth, it survives on trust.

  • Appealing and have a different and unique perspective

 We have noticed this many times, how simply not even saying a word about the brand, influencers, and bloggers promote different brands so smoothly. The way they promote a particular brand looks so appealing that we are forced to buy it. Their unique perspective attracts customers. Their own ideas and techniques that they build around put a flair on your marketing strategy. We start seeing that brand with a different angle and a fresh perspective.

  • Creative and think outside the box

 Why do we choose to follow these bloggers and influencers? Because of their creative vision, which they create in order to be different among millions of famous personalities on social media. They actually play with the content in order to make it more creative and unique to stand out from that crowd. This ability attracts us or rather we should say, potential customers. They totally round things around one particular concept, by simply creating content that can shake your head.

  • Expert in communications

 How about when some popular personality becomes your voice of brand? Isn’t that great? Influencers and bloggers do the same, they become your voice and we know that they are experts in communications. The way they interact with their followers seems like their followers are part of their life, the same tactic can be used in promoting your brand for your business growth.

  • They know their audience

 Yes. They know their audience, their followers and their interest. With these things in mind, they create their own marketing strategies for your brand awareness. According to different surveys, it was found that people felt that YouTubers understand them better than their friends. Connecting with these influencers leads to brand exposure.

Now people are changing so their interests. With this new generation, your old marketing strategies can’t work. People prefer now fresh, unique and creative content with transparency between brand and customers. Influencers and bloggers are quite transparent and genuine. Customers are comfortable interacting with them because they are one of them only, not having any high profile our status, which generally creates a gap in marketing. A loyal following of customers is all you need for marketing your brand and influencers, and bloggers to really support your brand vision.

Increase brand awareness and interests with influencers which are considered nowadays the perfect information provider, when you want to spread your message out to masses.

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