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Let today be the initiation. Hire Her is coming with an opportunity for all the women who are looking forward to starting/restart their careers. With the help of Hire Her, she can explore and learn Digital Marketing and work her way to a career in Digital Marketing. With courses specifically curated for her, women can now not only return to the corporate worlds but also find flexibility and work-life balance.

Career Restart Program

Week 01

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is here to stay!

With this Social Media Marketing Course Online, you will have a brief idea about social media marketing and some of the most important social media websites. There are a bunch of social networks, but only some of them will prove to be useful for your company. And that’s the reason you should only know about the most popular social networking sites, its features and offerings so that you could use it to reach potential customers and fire up your business.

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

Week 02

Content Writing & ORM

All about creative writing

It is rightly said content is the king. Without content, making people understand what you are trying to say miles apart can be tricky. Understanding how to write about various purposes such as blogs, Social media, SEO, ads is some parts covered in the course. Along with Online reputation management, you’ll be presented with an edge of knowing how to work your way online.

  • Setting up a Blog
  • Content Trends
  • Creation & Curation
  • Content Marketing Techniques
  • Influencer Marketing & ORM
  • Quora Marketing
  • Forums & Communities

Week 03

Local Search & Online Ads

A click that clicks your mind!

Search Engine Marketing plays a key role in positioning your site online as well as with your online customers. The primary agenda of this online PPC training is paid reach and reaching your online customers. Starting from why ads to organizing campaigns, tracking ROI, all major topics will be covered. Coupled with Local search, you can now focus on local and global audience easily.

  • Google My Business & References/Citations
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads

Who should attend?


For the women who want to work her way up, flexible work times, be demographically free and have financial freedom, these courses are targeted for them.

Job - Seekers

Women who are looking to return to the corporate world, upskilling, and for all those women who are building a career plan, they are perfect for this program.


Women who strive for autonomy, mentoring, have leadership qualities, looking for business enhancements, in a nutshell, entrepreneurs will benefit a lot from this program.


Vivek Kumar

Digital Marketing Expert

The Faces Behind Our Success

our trainer

As passionate digital marketing enthusiast and trainer, Vivek is an expert in the field with over 12 years of experience.
He has trained and mentored 5000+ Working professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students and Freelancers to utilise digital marketing and related skills to help them ‘achieve’ success.
A torch bearer for numerous ‘performance’ or ‘affiliate’ marketing campaigns for a number of brands, digital products and physical products both in India and abroad.

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