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The Digital Marketing Certified Associate is an online digital marketing course covering a series of topics that helps you master a Digital Marketing. To begin, enrol directly, or just review the topics covered to get an idea about what you’ll be learning. Join our exclusive network of skilled Digital Marketing Alumnus who are acing their careers in the field of Digital Marketing.

Each module is designed in such a way that you feel you’re a part of a digital marketing project from the date you start the course.

Online Digital Marketing Course

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An entrepreneur should have an idea about all those practices which puts their brand on the map. Thus, making digital marketing unavoidable. Learning about the fundamentals and the know-how will help them drive their business towards success better and faster.


The knowledge of Digital Marketing for freelancers not only help them bring in extra money but also adds an additional skill to their lot. They can serve a variety of clients after taking this course.

Working Professionals

For all those who want to play a role in digital evolution, knowledge of digital marketing is a must. This course is devised for all those people who aim to add extra weight and credibility to their resumes.


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Our Digital Marketing Experiential Program develops digital marketing skills that will help you uplift your career. We have trained around 5000+ professionals including entrepreneurs, sales specialists, freelancers, business owners, homemakers, and still counting.
Join our unique program with 

  • Experiential project-based learning
  • Course updation in a volatile market
  • LIVE instructor-led training program
  • LIVE interactive sessions
  • Hands-on training in popular digital marketing tools

And become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with Skillzlearn and raise your value in the marketplace.

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Digital Marketing Course Modules

This field is one of the fastest-growing industry, a certification will increase your credibility for Digital marketing. In this module of the Digital Marketing course, we will be covering-

  • Understanding Marketing & Digital Marketing
  • 4 Ps of Marketing & Marketing Mix
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing
  • Measurement Matrix & Buying Funnel

Social media, these days plays a vital role in positioning a brand in the eyes of their target audience. This module on the following topics-

  • Social media Platforms
  • Social Media Campaigns/Advertising
  • Social Media Management Platforms
  • Social Media Analytics Platforms
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Tips and tricks

Online advertising helps you boost your sales, generate leads and shoot up your profit. And very well is the learning agenda of this module. If you have little to no traffic, you can avail online advertising to reach your goals. This module provides information about PPC, CPV, PPV and many more advertising models.

The knowledge of planning and executing content marketing will drive your business forward. In the end, you’ll have the essential knowledge about-

  • Content creation Guidelines: visual & written
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Basics of NeuroMarketing
  • Content: SEO, Social Media, Ads, Email etc.
  • Content Marketing Principles & Tactics
  • Content Marketing for B2B
  • Outreach & Influencer Tools
  • KPIs, Goals, Metrics, Budget & Measurement

Affiliate marketing is an attractive way of attracting traffic meanwhile generating revenue through commissions for people. We will get accustomed to the following things in Affiliate Marketing-

  • Introduction
  • Affiliate Marketing Framework
  • 2-Tier: Partnerships & 3-Tier: Ecosystem
  • Understanding SSP & DSP
  • Affiliate vs Referral
  • Different ways to generate revenues
  • Affiliate Marketing secrets

In this module on Google Adsense, you will find out how to make the most of Google Adsense. Google Adsense module familiarises you with –

  • Account creation & Approval Process
  • Getting your website Adsense ready
  • Understanding Google Adsense UI
  • Tips & Tricks: Approval, Traffic, Clicks
  • Revenue

In this industry-leading module, you’ll discover the extraordinary benefits of digital metrics, including lean analytics and web traffic. Growth will be Hacked in this module by learning about-

  • Growth Hacking basics
  • Process
  • Famous case studies.
  • Hacks
  • Channel Persona
  • REAP (Amplification) hacks + Lean Iterations
  • Ready to use Growth hacking Tips & Tricks

Cold Emailing is a technique used by top salespeople and entrepreneurs to get in touch with their dream clients. It is a proven method and is being practised for years. With the help of this module, you can do it too!

A website is the digital face of any brand. Planning a website and developing it accordingly is a crucial step for initiating your digital presence. Points to be noted in the Website Planning and Development module are-

  • Types of websites
  • Domain, extensions, servers & hosting
  • Website Planning, Mockups & Wireframing
  • Case Study: Best & worst website examples
  • UI, UX & Conversion Optimized Design
  • Tools to measure & evaluate websites

SEO isn’t rocket science. With proper understanding, your website can reach heights, well, ranks! To get optimized in search engines, you must keep an eye on-

  • Important SEO terminologies
  • Search Engines, SERP & Algorithms
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Techniques
  • Off-Page SEO techniques
  • Local SEO techniques
  • Spam, Penalties and Hacking

In this module of the DMCA course, we will tell you how to leverage the internet to generate leads, nurture and convert them. In Inbound Marketing, we will be discussing about-

  • What is inbound?
  • Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing
  • Inbound Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close & Delight
  • Audience & Channel Persona
  • Tools for inbound marketing

This module teaches about how to optimize your email content, how to categorize your campaigns, A/B testing and of course, understanding the analytics to make fruitful efforts. This module of E-Mail Marketing teaches about-

  • Types of Email Marketing
  • List building Tactics, Forms & Pop-ups Segmentation and Subscribers Management Campaign Type: Regular, Auto responders, A/B Testing
  • Email Design
  • Tips & Tricks to reduce spam & increase conversions
  • GDPR & Legal Requirements

Ecommerce Marketing module aims to educate you about keeping your existing customers and make them your returning customers. E-commerce Marketing module highlights on –

  • eCommerce Websites: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Promotion methods
  • Ecommerce Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Customer retention & insights
  • Future Trends
  • ROI, Goals, conversions & Measurement

The Mobile Marketing module shows you how to make a real business out of your app. Mobile Marketing module covers the following facts-

  • Optimization & Installs
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Hyper-Local Marketing
  • Integrated Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy insights

The agenda of this more is to teach you how to use Google Analytics to drive your business with the data it provides. The following things will be analysed in the Google Analytics module-

  • Introduction
  • Account structure
  • Working methodology, Cookie tracking & Website readiness
  • Setting up
  • Web Traffic & User Insights
  • Report generation
  • Best Practices in Analytics

In this module, we are going to teach you everything you need to learn about building an effective integrated digital marketing strategy for any business or brand. Main points in this module are-

  • Integrated Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing Mix, Budgeting & ROI
  • KPIs, Reports & Analysis

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