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With the skyrocketing growth in the number of Internet users and new media spaces in India, the huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals in the field is becoming stronger by the day. The digital media spends are increasing globally and India is leading this trend with over 32% annual growth. With more companies utilizing online marketing & social media marketing platforms to boost their business, it is expected that in the next two years there will be around 150,000 new jobs opportunities in the digital marketing industry in India.


Digital marketing is a kind of data-driven marketing, which refers to optimal strategies build from insight & trends of data gathered through customer interactions & engagements to form future predictions. It’s a process of advertising product/service through digital channels. With more companies adopting online marketing for their businesses, there are multiple career openings in the field of digital marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the career options in the digital marketing field:

Why Should You choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

If you want a career where you can exploit your creativity & reward yourself with the benefits that a 9-5 job offers, then there is no other better career option than Digital marketing. It demands you to be creative every day in your work.

Digital Marketing has become the next big topic of discussion with companies opting for digital medium to advertise their brand. With the immense growth in this industry, there is a huge demand for numerous intelligent and creative minds in this field. If you think you can best fit the bill, there are some reasons why should you build your career in Digital Marketing.

In demand Profession – With the growing use of internet marketing, companies are hiring digital marketers at a very high pay scale. But, we can’t deny the fact, that there is still a lack of experienced professionals in this field. Choosing digital marketing as a career will give you an exposure to this booming & in-demand industry and boost your career up next level.

Get Paid more- By becoming a digital marketer, you get paid more as compared to any other job. As discussed, there is a lack of skilled professionals in this field. So the demand of experienced digital marketers is more than supply & as we all know of the basic economics, “when demand increase than supply price increases.”  The same theory is applicable in this industry.

Flexibility- A career in digital marketing provides you with the flexibility to work from your preferred places. As digital marketing revolves around the internet, it is breaking the stereotype of following 9 to 5 working hours in the office.

Growing Industry- Digital Marketing is a young & growing industry, which refer to a lot of career opportunities in this field. It’s a creative field which is full of energy & enthusiasm. This is one of the other reason people are attracted towards this industry.

Kick-start your own Business- While working as a digital marketer, you’ll get an exposure to understand different business and their requirements. It will excel your entrepreneur skills as well. You can start your own business, as being a digital marketer you gained expertise in market research, analytical skills and targeting ideal audience, which will help you in growing your business.

Fuels your Creativity – The field of Digital marketing is full of creativity. You can implement & experiment your own creative ideas and don’t need to follow a boredom of regular work form.

Progressive Industry- Digital marketing industry is in its developing stage compared to other industries. Since marketing is never out of fashion, and it will evolve at a higher rate when using digitally. Digital marketing industry adopts new technology & keeps experimenting new things to drive the better result. Being a digital marketer you are always been updated with the latest market trends.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

There are some fundamentals which every inspiring digital marketer should familiarize with to excel their career in digital marketing. These fundamentals include: –

  • Having the understanding of marketing concepts
  • Basic digital marketing terminology
  • Understanding of web analytics
  • Knowledge of different digital marketing domains

Digital Marketing is one of the rapidly growing industries in India. The growing use of Internet shows that the Career in the field of Digital Marketing is a good choice. According to a research, the growth rate of internet user is 50.6% annually, which increases the demand for digital marketing for businesses to reach towards their audience. It multi folds the number of job opportunities for skilled professionals in the industry.

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