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Tips to drive a successful PPC campaign for low budget

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Among all the methodology of digital marketing, PPC is considered as the most effective advertisement technique to promote your business over the internet. But there will be few challenges while driving a successful PPC marketing campaign in regards to managing the budget to get a desirable marketing result from the campaign.

For marketers, having a low budget for their PPC campaign is a matter of significant concern, as Pay Per Click is the play of money.

Although with implementing few effective PPC marketing strategies, businesses can easily carry out their PPC campaign in a result-oriented way even in less amount of money. Below are some of the tip to drive a successful PPC Marketing campaign in less budget:

Tips to create a low budget PPC marketing campaign:

  1. Impressive Ad Copy for Increasing click-through rates

Writing creative and valuable ad copy for your website is essential. It results in saving the cost over Google AdWords.

An effective ad copy enhances CTR rates of your site and improves quality score. And it is already stated by Google that Quality Score probably is the most reliable measure for marketers to drive affordable PPC campaigns.

  1. Ad Extensions

This another tip to operate a successful PPC campaign is also related to Click through rate factor & quality scores with ad extensions. Ad extensions help in getting more clicks for your ads.

While exploring Google AdWords, you get to notice multiple ad extensions. For businesses dealing in selling products/services, Ad extensions stand out to be a useful marketing technique to increase their CTR.

Google gives useful ad extensions that automatically display data from your website to add text to it.

  1. Dayparting feature with Geolocation

It is a valuable feature offered by Google. Dayparting help in increasing the visibility of your business during the specific time of a day. Implementing this feature of dayparting along with geolocation, offer you the authority to manage and control your ad displayed. Though with greater control, one needs to be more attentive to the ads, to gain the most on your ad effort.

  1. Seeking Device Targeting & Mobile Bidding Optimization


While focusing on earning more benefits with low budget AdWords campaigns, one must consider mobile optimization factor.

What it refers to,

With search figures swiftly shifting from desktops to mobiles; you should employ a device targeting strategy for optimizing your account target.

With the rise in the application of smartphones, there is a skyrocketing hike in the number of mobile users in recent time.

After take-in account, the device targeting setting, make sure to analyze your bids. The Mobile cost per click rates keeps on increasing steadily to display more traffic & competition.

Thus mobile marketing strategy is proven to be another useful marketing technique to drive a successful PPC campaign with the low budget. Additionally, you can enable the mobile click budget for each of your campaign.

  1. Intelligently selecting Stacked Bid limiters

Stacked bidding referred to a way that allows marketers to bid upon two and even more matchings of a particular keyword.

For example, if you are bidding on a keyword, ‘top 10 MBA colleges, you will get to bid on this keyword at both broad as well as exact match category, wherein, the first match offers more volume while other provides more relevancy. Thus it becomes a kind of stacked bidding. Make sure to optimize your account thoroughly after opting stacked bidding feature.

  1. Executing Remarketing

The practice of Re-marketing surely adds value to your effort in PPC marketing. It turned the users into buyers who might drop your site without making a purchase. Thus, this feature rewards all of your time, money, and efforts.

Remarketing technique help to overcome paid campaign challenges such as offline conversions, simple distraction, and non-sequential conversion routes.

7. Landing Pages Optimization

Landing Pages are an essential factor for driving successful PPC campaigns, thus it is necessary to make them targeted accordingly. As Google optimizes the landing pages of your website from relevancy, original content, user accessibility and other related factors. A site with improper landing page design cannot work for a business.

It is the biggest concern for small businesses as they aren’t able to modify their website landing pages frequently. In case, you’re unable to change it at any given time; you can choose to use a call-only aspect of Google AdWords campaign.

8. Tracking

Make sure to use Google AdWords analytics to track your campaign performance. The statistics gathered from the tool is helpful in measuring which strategies work best for your business, and which won’t. Thus, you can accordingly optimize the campaign and plan effective strategies based on the data received from analytics. It let you make the perfect use of your time to drive PPC campaign even with the low budget.

9.Enhancing Visibility

Implement aggressive marketing, it will help in making you appear everywhere. Remember the fact, the more you are visible, the more chances of getting clicks and purchase. With PPC, the impression does not cost anything. And as the impression doesn’t have any cost in PPC, it provides excellent chances of traffic too.

No doubt, Google AdWords works effectively in increasing visibility, web traffic, and ultimately growing the sales goal. But, if you are less with the PPC campaign budget, you might have to compromise on certain essential things.

To take the benefit of all things effortlessly in your campaign, you must implement some effective PPC marketing strategies to get the desired result. All the above mention tips will surely help you to acquire great marketing results regarding driving traffic and generating leads even with less budget for your PPC campaigns.

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