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The Importance of Mobile Marketing for small business

Mobile Marketing has become the modern definition of Digital Marketing. With Mobile’s becoming an essential part of our lives, its consistent use in everyday life has led to generating the idea of using this technique for business marketing. And, its significance is being doubled with Google take-in action the practice of Mobile First Index, wherein Google crawl & index the mobile version of your site as the primary source of content and ranking factor for your website.

Before taking this article further, let’s take a brief view of the concept of Mobile Marketing:

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

It is a one of digital marketing technique which focuses on promoting a business, products or services by reaching to the target audience over their mobile devices. This mobile marketing technique involves specific mobile-centered practices such as SMS, MMS, voice-calls, mobile websites, mobile applications, etc.

Mobile Marketing is becoming the latest trend in business marketing. Though, it’s a permission-oriented marketing tool where businesses need the approval and contact number of customers to deliver their message in either image, visual or text format.

Marketers have discovered this fact that business without having mobile accessible websites will not survive in the online market, and indeed lose their potential customers and reach for their business. Thus it is essential for businesses to outline a productive and far-reaching mobile marketing technique as per their industry. A trick is to discover the preferences and requirement of your audience in regards to your business since executing the mobile-friendly site for your business, and it surely helps you in gaining a reliable client base for the long term.

How Is Mobile Marketing Beneficial for Businesses?

Mobile Marketing has open a variety of possibilities for marketers in promoting products or services in a useful way. It enables businesses to reach to their target audience in a more personal approach.

Below are the points which represent the benefits of Mobile Marketing for business:

  • Mobile Business: As Mobile becoming the primary source of online shopping. Hubspot states that the mobile industry will direct 42% of the total e-commerce benefit by 2019. Because of this reason, social media sites have included the ‘SHOP NOW’ button in their business pages by knowing the importance and benefit of the online shopping for future. It requires businesses to take advantage of mobile-centered marketing, mobile-friendly websites, and search engine marketing to give their customer 24X7 ease to shop.


  • SMS Marketing: It is an effective way to deliver your message and get noticed by the people. It lessens the effort of emailing, newsletter or social media messaging. There are 90% of open rate possibilities for the text message which direct people to have a look at your message. 98% of user read messages on their phone within just three minutes of receiving it. So, its relatively depict the importance of SMS marketing.

  • High Search Engine Rankings: According to Google latest algorithm, the websites with mobile accessibility rank relatively high on search engines as compared to another non-optimized website. It is the primary reason to consider mobile marketing for your business to place high on every search query of your customers.

  • Goal Oriented: It is the technique which is quite different from the conventional Email Marketing technique and another digital marketing technique. In majority cases, the emails are deleted even without opening, but the case is no same with mobile marketing. It’s a proven fact that 98% of mobile users read the received SMS.

  • Cost Efficient: It is one of the cost-effective marketing technique that does not require high investments. Mobile Marketing is a highly profitable marketing tool and even an excellent source of making money for startup businesses.

  • Trustworthy Relationship with Customers: Mobile being a portable device gives marketers an opportunity to reach their customers anywhere, anytime and thus building a strong bond with their audience for the longer time. It provides business the flexibility to inform their customers regarding the latest offers, new launches, fresh product arrivals, sales & discounts, etc. It helps in gaining customers trust and appreciation for the brand.

Tips for Implementing Mobile Marketing for your business

You might understand the significance of mobile marketing after going through this article. Mobile Marketing has immense potential in taking your business to the next level. Make sure to keep the below mention points in mind to take the most advantage of this tool:

  • Make sure your site has easy accessibility for the mobile platform
  • Advertise your products or new launches via mobile marketing campaigns
  • Make relation with your customers by way of sem campaign for the mobile devices
  • Include mobile marketing in your business marketing strategy

I hope that this article has provided you with the idea of how to implement mobile marketing for your business.

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