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Powerful Tips for YouTube Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, you started with your business, and are on the journey to make succeed your life’s biggest dream. You might be persuading various sort of result-oriented strategies to market your business. You must be employing the trendiest online marketing tricks to catch people eyes to your brand. And the most popular trick among all online marketing nowadays is the video Marketing, which is becoming the most convenient and effective marketing strategy used by Digital marketers to reach their target audience.

As a startup business owner, you too are taking into action the video marketing strategy for promoting your brand. Spending your time perfecting your video scripts, storyboarding, searching for good talent, shooting and editing your video, and result in a blockbuster brand or product video for your business.

What next!

So, is it enough to just embedding your video on a homepage or just sharing it on social media channels, and expecting it gets views. Are you just okay with this result of all your time and hard work invested?

Though, great content is bound to be found over the internet. It became a crucial task to be proactive about attaining the attention of and informing the prospects about your brand. YouTube ads, is one of its kind great ways to ensure that your target audience receives the video content you have produced for your products.

So, before proceeding further let’s understand why there is a buzz of YouTube video marketing in the digital arena and is it so important.

Importance of YouTube Video Marketing

“Video and Marketing” complement each other similar to peanut butter and jelly”

Whether it be the traditional commercials in the late 1960s to nowadays YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat or Facebook Live, there is no secret that videos were, are, and definitely will be the important constants of our everyday lives.

Although highly efficient and convenient for consumers, video marketing is one of the most preferred advertising technique for marketers to attract, engage and connect with the target audiences.

According to a survey, online video is found to be a 600% more effective marketing tool than those of print and email combined result figures.

Below are a few highlights of video marketing:

  • 75 million users in the U.S. watch online videos on the daily basis
  • By integrating ‘video’ word in an email subject line, increased the click-through rate by 13%
  • Almost 50% video lookout on the mobile device
  • By 2019, 80% of the internet traffic will be accounted for by videos
  • Videos likely having 2 minutes’ duration drives more audience engagement

Although, there is a difference between advertising on YouTube, and running a paid social campaign or PPC campaign. YouTube allow you have to follow certain guidelines and a ton of options to advertise your products and services. Additionally, you required to have a quality knowledge before going ahead out for your next YouTube video project to get the most out of the paid possibilities from this channel.

YouTube Marketing provides you with the ease to monitor your efforts and performances, thus giving you the flexibility to monitor your execution action and get a clear perspective of which strategies best work for you, and which wouldn’t.

This article will help you to discover some powerful YouTube Marketing Strategies to improve your YouTube channel visibility for long-term, let’s take a look over these points:

Top YouTube Marketing Strategies for your Business Channel

Unlock the secret techniques of YouTube Marketing with the below mention powerful strategies and resources to start getting the maximum from your YouTube business channel. Additionally, with updated YouTube algorithms and monitoring capabilities, you can also track your marketing activities and ROI actions.

Let’s take a look at the powerful YouTube Marketing Strategies to advance the visibility and performance of your business channel:

  1. Strategize your Keyword Research

Sometimes, marketers put less preference on fine-tuning for messages which a potential customer is looking in their buying practice. But, when it about YouTube, users are more keen on knowing the products and are performing their preliminary research for the same, and it is more clear from the keywords. Make sure to perform this practice while implementing YouTube Marketing. Below are some useful Keyword Research parameters that one should follow to drive effective result:

  • Consider the keywords which are more prone to be searched by people for your product and services
  • Implement AdWords Display Planner tool while planning keywords for your video description
  • Select the keywords and phrases which matches your product, audience, and your industry.
  • Go for the keywords having around a thousand monthly impact
  • In beginning, it is recommended to spread your YouTube Marketing budget in limited chunks on more probable keywords

Valuable Tip: Make efforts to understand the Google’s logic behind displaying the video results over its SERPs. For example, searching ‘trendy amazon gadgets’ might display result pages having 4 YouTube video links. If you are operating campaign similar to it, try to take ideas related to title, descriptions, and content from these sort of videos.

  1. Attention-seeking Thumbnails

No matter what your niche is, you must be having certain competitors in your industry. And there are certain chances of competing your videos with your competitor’s. What is the probability that the audience will initially click on your videos? Well, Thumbnails will help you in seeking your audience’s attention.

Start working over the thumbnails images that catch a user’s attention and excite them to click over your video. There are certain custom thumbnails available, you can easily upload them by selecting custom thumbnail alternatives during uploading your video. While for your old video having poor thumbnails, opt for video Manager, then click on the Edit option, and choose on custom Thumbnails to implement in your videos.

Below are some guidelines to drive you in the right direction:

  • Consider resolution dimension to be 1280×720. As chances are low-resolution thumbnails are drawn in fewer clicks.
  • Always upload your images in JPG, PNG, BMP, and in GIF formats
  • Retain the size of your image below 2 MB
  • Maintain aspect ratio to be 16:9
  • Keep the text of your content to be bold and colorful to add value to your videos
  1. Take Call-to-action into account

YouTubers very well understand the value of ‘Calls to Action”. You must have seen with every video, YouTubers repeating the same phrase of ‘like & comment over video, and even share the videos’ if you like it.

Make sure what you actually want from your viewer’s side, and accordingly plan a call to the action plan. Generally, there exist 4 major goals that you want to work on to optimize your YouTube video:

  • Getting more subscribers for your channel
  • Engaging viewers to view next videos over your channel
  • Getting comments for your videos
  • Getting Likes & Shares for your videos

Below are some methods which YouTubers can use to integrate call-to-actions in their video content:

Direct Mentioning of Host:  Ask your subscribers to perform an action for your videos. This technique is implemented by most of the influencers and general YouTubers, as it proves to an effective methodology.

Video End Cards:  During the time of your video ending, display a big card along with clickable options, which could redirect the purpose of the subscribe button.


Valuable Content no doubt is the first step in a well driven YouTube Marketing strategy. But besides that, for businesses to upgrade their operation, several other factors are there which need to be experimented to build an impressive impact. All the above mention techniques are result-oriented and time-proven strategies, with implementing them strategically in your marketing activities, you can easily create a powerful presence for your brand.

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