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Is Content Marketing a good Career to choose?

You must have search over internet in need for information about any topic, here is what content defines its role. The information that you read over the internet defines the power of content.

As in today’s digital world, people search over web for relevant information and content marketing provides it. But, with the overrun advertisements jogging over the internet, businesses are struggling to convey their corporate message to their audiences. According to a study conducted by the custom content council in 2011, more than 70% of the internet user preferred to get information from the source of articles rather than from corporate advertisements.

With the motive of effectively reaching towards the targeted audiences, businesses are leaning on a promising new strategy- Content Marketing.

Now, first let’s understand the concept of content marketing:

What is Content Marketing?

The primarily reason behind your online search is to find relevant information and high quality content. It simply means that the text, visual images, infographics & video content must provide information which is useful & interesting to user searching for data over internet.

The aspect of Content marketing is to create and distribute content which is not only informative but also entertaining & helpful to the potential user. Afterwards, valuable content redirects those users to your brand website, which increases the leads and your revenue. When drive strategically, content marketing creates favorable results to your business, without the hassle of product marketing.

Why Content Marketing is in-demand?

The advancement of internet has brought tremendous growth in the culture of online marketing. More companies are now implementing digital marketing strategies for their brand endorsement. As digital marketing is proven to be an effective method for brands to promote its product/service among the targeted audience.

And since “CONTENT IS KING’ in online marketing industry. It is the most crucial element of SEO, as it’s simply not possible to perform the SEO operation without the content (web content, blog or particular pages). It is the Content which drive the traffic to the websites and improves the ranking of any brand in search engines.

Content Marketing play an important role in connecting the brand with their target user base. This calls for high demand for content marketing jobs in India. Companies are looking to hire skilled professionals at high pay scale who holds the potential to market their business among the ideal audience.

Career Options in Content Marketing

Since the field of content marketing is very vast and thus involved several responsibilities. To cater each task associated with content marketing, various profiles of job include in this department.

Let’s have a look at different job profiles involved in content marketing and their responsibilities.

Content Writer-

The job profile of a content writer involves SEO centered content creation, proof reading of blogs/articles, generating creative ideas for content, managing campaigns to generate user traffic, extending tools for measuring the achievements of digital marketing channels.

(Starting salary of content writer: 15k- 25k)

Content Specialist/Strategist-

The job role of a content specialist involves planning strategy for online content marketing, Reviewing content as per SEO parameters. The major focus of a content strategist is to craft content for company policies- legally, ethically, SEO centered, strategical and promotion

The content strategist assists in implementing the content active on the web in order to meet the guidelines of content strategy to drive better business result.

(Starting salary of content specialist/strategist: 35k-40k)

Content Marketing Manager-

The job role of a content marketing manager is to perform the task of managing & regulating the entire content marketing operations in the company. Also, the role involve handling and coordinating with the content team. He sets the target for content creation and promotion in order to gain better revenue for businesses.

The role requires the person to have an extreme creative minds to deliver ideas beneficial for the brand to convey the message among the target audience. Content marketing manager, being the head of team intent to achieve the target & generate traffic with SEO centered approach.

(Salary of Content Marketing Manager: 42K-50K)

Key Factors for becoming Successful Content Marketer

Well, content is not just about writing information, rather it’s a strategical way of marketing that promote the presence of any business through content creation. Content marketing itself is a much deeper concept of marketing, which is twisted manifolds. It is a marketing technique which aims to attracts specific target audience by providing the information & data of the interest they’re looking for.

The objective of content marketing is not to directly makes a sales pitch for any product/service rather form relations with the target users via communicating through the medium of content. The aim is to engage the user, and making them realize the need for a product and then simply make a pitch.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors for becoming a successful content marketer:

  1. Keep your content CRISP

To become a successful content marketer, you must need to think creative rather than following other’s idea. You must need to understand the fact the key idea in content marketing is to target user’s attention which something which is informative as well as entertaining. Because no one is interested in looking at boring video, or reading a boring piece of article, what people need is a little drama to get attracted toward your content.

So opt for something new, something different and implement your ‘CREATIVITY WITH STRATEGY’

  1. Presenting Skills

Reinvent your presentation skills in your writing as nobody is going to be attracted with bunch of words. You must be presentable with your ideas, include heading, subheading, short writing paragraphs, infographics, creative visuals etc. for reader to engage in your writing. Present your writing in a creative way to attract the reader.

  1. Adopt Industry Changes

It’s never a good idea to keep stiff when you are dealing in a creative world. You need to be adaptive to changes happening in the industry. As the recent advanced is the replacement of texts with the engaging videos. Be ready to follow the latest trends happening in content marketing industry to keep yourself ahead in the competition.

  1. Apply Strategy

Content marketing is all about implementing strategies, an un-strategized content is useless in online marketing. You must need to post your content with a planned strategy from the point of driving traffic to your site. You need to give a solution to target customer through your product and provide them direction with the help of a call to action.

  1. Keep Your Content Relevant

While writing for attracting specific target user, you must go with the topic which is of interest to them. Your writing must be relevant & useful to the readers. So that they can relate themselves with your brand. You must put forward a solution to the problems that your readers are dealing with. It must have led a positive impression over the readers and they’re likely to purchase your products.

Content Marketing Job Opportunities in India

The revolution of digital media has brought a drastic change specially in the field of marketing. In the present time, it become essential for the businesses to mark their online presence, otherwise they’ll miss out a huge segment of potential audience.

Let’s take an eye over the current status of career opportunities in content marketing in India.

From the Salary perspective, content marketing jobs are offered at attractive packages in India even from the entry level profiles. The scope of career in content marketing industry is highly promising. So, if you’re planning to make your career in content marketing domain of Digital marketing, Go for it!

Before you start to apply for jobs in content marketing, it is suggested that you must polish your content marketing skills to bag an attractive package in reputed companies. For which it is mandatory for you to learn the basics & rooted concepts of content marketing domain and gain expertise knowledge of each domain in content marketing.

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