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Everything You need to Know about Influencer Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of biggest buzz in marketing world these days is the emerging importance of Influencer Marketing. This marketing technique is becoming the preferred choice for marketers to reach their target audience in further effective, affordable and authentic way. The growing trend of this marketing has even seized some big brands such as, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Microsoft, Subway, Disney, etc. in its grab.

Before taking this article further, let’s get to know what it exactly means to develop a better understanding of the concept.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Let’s wind up to late 90s or early 2000s. Remembered, those advertisements of energy drinks starring famous cricketers, cosmetic products featuring actresses or household products advertise by pretty models. The celebrity advertisement trend is even carried out today. But do you ever wonder, why brands deal with celebrities for advertising their products? Well, the answer is very simple, to attract more eyeballs to their products, as most of the celebrity fan would be influence by the product which their favorite celebrity is using. And gaining more popularity to the brand will be directly proportional to the sales and business growth.

But, as it is about celebrity, so of course their endorsement fee is sky high, and not every brand can afford it. Further, the influence of these celebrities have dropped down nowadays, as people are smart enough to know the thing that celebrity endorsing the product has no experience about it. It is how ‘Influencer Marketing’ comes in existence.

It is an online marketing technique where products of any brand are endorsed by an expert or influencers of that niche over various internet channels. There is a huge followers list of these influencers who absorb the information provided by them with sheer trust and belief. Though, the influencers aren’t celebrity, they are common people who initiate giving valuable information to people in various field and attain popularity. Influencer have marked their presence in every niche, such as food bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel enthusiasts, digital marketers, etc.

It is a kind of marketing where products are endorsed by influencers or experts in the niche of the product over various channels of the internet. These influencers have their loyal followers who consume the information provided by influencers with utmost trust and belief. These influencers aren’t stars, they are people like us who started giving useful information to viewers and gained the popularity. Some of the examples of influencers are; food bloggers, travel enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, digital marketers etc.

Why Influencer Marketing is a big deal

No doubt, it is emerging as one of the most effective marketing technique these days. You might be thinking about is this marketing technique actually so powerful, is there any proof to believe it? Well, here is, the below mention statistics figure:

  • 94% of marketer who used this effective marketing technique find it more profitable
  • 59% of marketer ramp up their influencer marketing budget
  • 67% of marketing professional engage with influencers for promoting their content
  • This Marketing result in 11X higher ROI than other marketing method
  • 74% of customer’s buying decisions are influenced by Social networks
  • 71% of marketers admitted that ongoing ambassadorships are effective form of influencer marketing
  • Influencers with 10k-100k followers base offer best engagement and wide audience reach

Why Influencer Marketing Is Important to your business strategy

As 30% of customers are likely to purchase products endorsed by non-celebrity blogger, thus it makes sense to invest in this effective marketing. It can act as tool for creating brand awareness among your customers.

Consumers are now turning to influencers than ever before in getting informed about a product performance, to know whether it is worth investing in it. Having an influencer’s engagement help in creating awareness about products which result in increasing revenue as a lot of your potential rely on these reviews to make their buying decision.


It is becoming the most effective marketing technique for brands. It helps in upgrading growth of business with the action of attracting, engaging, converting and promoting customers and meeting sales target for your business.

You can start you career as an Influencer Marketer with having good enough experience in any specific domain. It can be achieved with having proficient experience in marketing domain. You can gain exposure by enrolling in any specific training in the domain.

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