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5 Secret Tips for implementing Great Content Marketing Strategy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Content Marketing has always act as a powerful weapon for outreaching an integrated PR and marketing firm’s goal. The marketing agencies are implementing hardcore efforts for client’s business growth by taking in account the knowledge and writing skills to deliver bylines, press releases and various corporate communications.

Nowadays, content has become the top priority for businesses running online. Business owners are using it a strategic tool to engage in online market place. Most of the B2B businesses are focused on creating blogs, bylines, case studies, eBooks, videos and social content than ever before, and are actively looking to market their content effectively on online platforms.

Why Content Marketing is Required

Today, there are more lookout for good information but with the possibility to meet the challenge of ‘hard sell’. Many of us are going through reviews on various sites before making a purchase. We study various products, compare prices & features, before making any deal. Nowadays, even grocery shoppers compare price and products before investing.

People nowadays want relevant content that help them to make a good choice. Users are less interested in traditional advertisements and old-school marketing tactics, and it is applicable for both B2B and B2C customers. According to a survey, 70% consumer learn about companies through articles rather than advertising.

Additionally, a business survey report stated that 80% of user get to learn about a prospective purchase from blogs/articles rather than advertising. The same survey reveal that 70% of user agree that content attract them to the sponsoring company and 60% believe that content help them in making better buying decision.

The above mentioned statistics depicts the power of CONTENT, and it proves that it is rightly said that ‘Content Is King’. As content holds the power to make a difference in the growth figures for your business. The good content can boost your business growth in short span (even for small businesses). Thus, it is important to focus on the content, and to do so, this article has listed few tips for implementing great content marketing strategy for your business.

Let’s dive in…

Tips for Implementing Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Usually, small businesses lack with funding and resources to invest in their marketing plan. For them, Content Marketing is the perfect solution for gaining desired marketing outcomes. As the only investment with this marketing technique involve is the relevancy of content. With just that one content ingredients your marketing recipes is ready to crave your benefit goal.

Below are some of the tip beneficial for implementing effective content marketing strategy:

1 Use the right tone

Before publishing the content, prepare a sort of style book which depicts the overall tone of your company. Your tone should depend on specific adjectives you find best portrait your company. Is your company a startup? Professional? Young team? Plan these kind of keywords in your mind, it will help you to keep a consistent voice and personal connection with your audience. Remember, it is also applicable for audio content.

2 – Understand your audience

To make your content stands out from the rest, you need to hold a specific class of readers. You can implement it by having a clear picture of the people to whom your product or service serves as the best solution. By consistently providing valued content to your readers, you will earn their trust and loyalty in your brand, and by the time they’ll consider you as an expert in that particular field.

3 – Share Your Content

It’s important to gain readers attention over your content while sharing on different social platforms. Also, mark the fact that not every social platform is beneficial for sharing content, go for the one where your ideal audience is present. Choosing the right platform will help you gain more engagement. So, next time you create any sort of content, consider its inherited features, and then decide which platforms serves it best, for example, if it’s visual, go for Instagram, for video, consider YouTube and so on). It’s important to understand what the users are looking for on particular platforms, and publish the content that most suit with their requirement.

4 – Take Advantage of Facebook Live

Recalling the idea of #3, though Facebook Live is being in trend, but there is no single fit solution to every need. Though it shouldn’t replace video tutorials, informative resources or other resources which has long shelf-life, but it is good practice to create and spread content with a sense of urgency. It is specifically important for featuring event sessions, webinars or unique interviews which can later be reuse. Thus, Facebook Live could be a strong alternate for daily, weekly, or monthly video series, as long as it has the consistency to attract and engage the viewers.

5– Keep on Experimenting

Experimentation is not a bad word, as some of the most successful campaigns comes from the lesson of failure learned from previous undertakings. When analyzing a new platform or any specific sort of content, try to measure expectations for a trial run. If you’re not getting desired result, you can quit anytime. And keep record of insights you get from a successful campaign, which will be helpful in deciding next stage of your campaign.


Google’s latest algorithm have made content marketing more valuable than ever before. It takes businesses to plan their marketing strategy with a high focus on content part. As any aspect of digital marketing, be it SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing highly rely on Content. And Quality Content holds the power to drive attract, engage, convince and convert the prospects into customers.

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