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18 Professional Content Marketing Tools- Every Marketer Should Bookmark

Back sometimes, content marketing was considered as just another word for Blogging. But, today we know it’s much more. Content marketing cover nearly every aspect of online marketing that involves CONTENT. It refers to SEO, PR, Social Media Marketing and more.

With so much active work going in the field, there’s lot to manage. In order to help you get a better insight of what is content marketing, how it’s helpful for your business, and how to plan a winning strategy, this article covers a list of professional content marketing tools & resources which will help you to swiftly plan and execute the content in result driving manner.

Before proceeding further, let’s understand the concept of content marketing to make better understanding of these tools:

Define Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to engage and attain a clearly defined audience with the aim of driving profitable customer action. The content could be in the form of Blogs & articles, Infographics, Videos, Books, Web pages, etc.

The tasks of SEO content marketing become much easier & at the same time more effective, when done with the right content marketing tools for the purpose of inbound marketing of your product or service.

And in this article, you’ll find out a list of 18 professional content marketing tools that every marketer should implement to drive effective marketing result.

You can bookmark this post so that you can come back to it whenever you require any kind of content marketing resource. Because there’s nothing worse than struggling to remember where you had saw that one tools you forgot the name of. All you need is right here in.

Below is the list of some of the top content marketing tools available online.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Content Marketing Tool List

Content Research

The ultimate purpose of a Content Marketing activity is to produce quality, engaging, SEO friendly & strategically driven content. The following keyword content research tools will surely be helpful for this:

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner tool from Google is one of the basic tool that every content marketer need to implement to make sure that your content is convincing the intent of online searcher queries. Simply, add a number of common online search queries related to your industry in the keyword planner tool & it will generate a report according to the average monthly searches and level of competition on the searches. Use high volume and low competition keywords to start ideating your content.

(Google Keyword Planner)



It is another incredible tool to research for trending content in your industry. Feedly allows you to subscribe to popular industry blogs & news sites from a single dashboard. You can easily look for popular blogs related to your business within the tool & design a customized newsfeed to follow.



Quora is one of the useful platform to find the common challenges faced by your target audience. It’s a kind of Q and A community, where you can easily find interesting ideas for your next blog post. Simply search for a topic within your industry and you’ll get a host of interesting and relevant questions to inspire you for your writing purpose.




Pocket is an amazing tool that helps you to bookmark useful articles on the go. It’s available in form of mobile application as well as browser extension to help you store, manage and access your read up articles from anywhere and any device.


Content Ideation and Creation Tools

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Surely, writing catchy headlines is an art & you must gain it with practicing regularly. Apart from that, you can make use of tools like Hubspot blog idea generator to churn out some outstanding headlines instantly. You can even use this resource to discover idea related to content marketing strategy template for your headlines. Use this tool and you’ll never face any issue in creating catchy headlines which can draw audience attention.

(Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator)


This is one of the best tool to create some creative yet valuable images & infographics for your social media pages as well as for blogs. The tool provides an easy to use interface with a host of free templates, a wide variety of images & icons to choose from. The best part of using Canva is that you don’t need to be a professional designer to start. You can use this tool to create impressive visual posts for your business in just few clicks.


You might be spellbound with how some brands makes use of funny & attention-grabbing GIFs on their social media pages? Well, with, you can too. This free online tool enables you to upload your images & create some awesome GIFs for your business.



You might have seen some cool animated video over social media used by some brands to showcase the benefits of their products/services. You can too create such videos with an online tool- Powtoons. This tool allows an easy to use interface to design your animated explainer videos using inbuilt templates & illustrations. It’s a wonderful tool to make quality videos quickly, which are cost-effectively.



Pixabay is one another tool for finding free stock of pictures for your social media images and infographics. You can choose image for your creative post from a variety of categories.


Content Editing Tools


While writing, you must ensure that any piece of content you produce does not contain any grammatical errors and typos. Grammarly is one of its kind of tools for checking any sort of grammatical or language errors in your written content.


CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The headline analyzer feature of CoSchedule tool is very helpful in understanding the emotional quotient and the effectiveness of your content headlines.

(CoSchedule Headline Analyzer)

iMovie Video Editing

The concept of video content is very popular these days. You can easily create videos for your product and service even from your smartphones. But to make sure that your video content is user friendly, you must have to edit the video accordingly. With iMovie video editing tool, you can swiftly edit your video, add titles, transitions, and even music to make it worth watching. It is a free tool available for Mac as well as iPhone users.

(iMovie Video Editing)

Content Promotion Tools

Well, writing content is not enough, it is equally important to promote that content to showcase it to your audience to build a follower base. Below are some trendy tools you can use to promote your content efficiently.


Hootsuite let you to automate the promotion of your content on social media channels. The free version of this tool enable you to add up to three social media profiles to share content on. You can add bulk of social media posts to this tool & then schedule them to go live on particular days & time.


Sniply is a creative tool used for content promotion & lead generation. The tool allows you to insert a customized Call-to-Action within any internal or external blog posts that you want to promote on your business pages on social media. You can customize the CTA to redirect the readers to your landing page. This tool is useful in getting more site traffic from your content promotion approach.



Outbrain helps you get your content visibility on some of the top publishers in your slot. It’s a kind of paid promotion which doesn’t look like advertising. This tool places your content in recommended content section on some of the high DA sites, that eventually helps you in getting a bigger audience for your content.


Back linking and Digital PR Tools

To accomplish your backlinking goals, you can use some effective link prospecting tools and news reporting platforms, and also grab some quality brand mentions.


HARO is one of the best tool to find journalists looking for news sources. You can register free on HARO and then subscribe to questions related to your industry. These queries will be directed to your inbox. You can drop tips for queries you find most relevant and in case they get selected, your brand will get free press mentions.



SourceBottle tool is very identical to HARO and is quite beneficial as well. It serve your goal of  online marketing in an effective way.



Clearbit is one another helpful Gmail add-on tool that enable you to look up to email addresses every month for free. You can access this tool to find email addresses of some prominent journalists & editors and pitch your guest stories to them.


This article covers most of the essential tools that you must use for effective content marketing tactics for your business. Most of the tools mentioned in this post are free.

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